ICT Skills Development Program

ICT Skills Development Program

The ICT Skills Development Program promotes the training and work placement initiatives to cater for the increasing demand of manpower in the ICT/BPO industry.

This is in line wth Government vision to develop the ICT Sector into a key pillar of the economy and make of Mauritius a regional ICT Hub.

Scheme 1: Training and Work Placement Scheme

The Training and Work Placement Scheme is designed to encourage ICT/BPO companies to train unemployed youth having an SC, HSC, Diploma and/or Degree on an industry-led MQA approved course and to offer them a placement following the training.

Trainees having an SC, HSC, or Diploma will receive monthly stipend of Rs. 6,000 while Degree holders will have receive Rs. 12,000.

The Training and Work Placement Scheme will entitle the ICT/BPO companies to claim the refund of up 50% of the training cost (up to a max. of Rs. 7,500) and 50% of the stipend paid to the participants (up to a max of Rs. 3,000 per participant / Rs. 6,000 for Degree holders).

ICT/BPO companies should commit to offer employment to at least 50% of the trainees following the training and placement period and those trainees should remain in employment for at least one year.

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Scheme 2: Training and Work Placement Scheme

The Work-Based Learning for University Students scheme enables Employers to identify talents before graduation among Tertiary Level Students through a ‘Work Based Learning’ concept.

ICT/BPO companies are encouraged to recruit trainees from the ICT Skills Development Programme database and offer them a work-based training/placement.  Trainees should undergo the training / placement for at least 2 times for a period of 6 weeks each during a year of study.  Participants receive an all-inclusive stipend of Rs 6,000 per month during the placement.

The scheme refunds 50% of the stipend* paid to the ICT / BPO company.
(*Subject to a maximum refund of Rs 3,000 per trainee)

To benefit from each of the above schemes, ICT/BPO companies will be required to enter into an agreement with the ICT Skills Development Unit.